Find the Camp

The Galbraith Optimist Camp for Kids is located 8 kilometers from both Milverton and Listowel. The address is 7407, Road 140 Newton ON.

The camp does arrange for bussing which will leave the pick – up point in sufficient time to arrive at the camp by 9:00am and will drop off at the same place no later than 5:15pm.

Children not requiring transportation may arrive at the camp by 9:00am.

Please note that the bus stop in Stratford this year has changed to Stratford Northwestern Secondary School.

The chart below gives information on each bus route. When enrolling your child we will require you to choose a bus route and bus stop.

Bus Rules:

  1. Children should arrive at the stop at least 5 minutes before designated time.
  2. The driver will only wait 5 minutes at each stop in order t o maintain the schedule.
  3. Children must be met by a responsible adult when dropped off or parents have signed the drop – off or pick-up consent form.
  4. Children will only be dropped off at their designated stops unl ess a written note is provided by their caregiver.
  5. When on the bus, the driver is always in charge, children must remain seated, there is no eating, drinking, fighting, pushing, throwing objects, vandalism or profane language.
2017 Bussing schedule